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An Abridged History of Concrete

Last updated 1 year ago

Today, ready-mix concrete is a common material used in many forms of construction, including residential and commercial applications. From driveway concrete to fanciful colored concrete patio and flooring applications, modern ready-mix concrete can be used just about anywhere. Cementitious materials have been in use for centuries, however. Continue reading to learn a brief history of concrete and its uses.

Egyptian Brickwork and Chinese Innovation: Around 3000 B.C., the Egyptians mixed mud and straw to create bricks for construction. Eventually, this led to the discovery of using mortar to create binding agents for the pyramids. Around the same time period, construction of the Great Wall of China was being undertaken. Cementitious materials were used in bringing this behemoth to its great height and length.

Roman Technologies: The Roman Pantheon remains an engineering marvel today. Its concrete dome is not reinforced, but supports itself with weight-reducing cutouts and voids. The peak of the Pantheon dome is 142 feet above the floor, equal to its diameter. While concrete was used for many construction projects throughout Rome, the fall of the Roman Empire caused the art of working with concrete to be lost for a significant portion of history.

The First Concrete Skyscraper: While 16 stories may be modest for a skyscraper by today's standards, the 1904 construction of the Ingalls Building in Cincinnati was considered an architectural wonder. Using reinforced concrete with a rebar precursor, this structure stood 210 feet tall and consisted largely of concrete as a building material.

Impossible Structures: The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum of New York was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and features an iconic cylindrical component that is wider at the top than the bottom. With cantilevers and steel-reinforced concrete, Wright demonstrated the capabilities of modern concrete construction when designing this building.

Ready-Mixed Convenience: Today, ready-mix concrete makes it easier than ever before to use concrete in construction for just about any project. Outdoor kitchens, fire pits, pool decking and foundations are all ideal applications for ready-mix concrete.

A-1 Ready Mix Concrete can help you enjoy the convenience and strength of modern concrete in your home. Visit us online to learn about our delivery services, or call us at (888) 429-0767 for additional information.


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