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    Techniques for Coloring Concrete

    Last updated 4 months ago

    Colored concrete provides an additional decorative element to your property, complementing your home’s exterior to improve curb appeal. Even if your current concrete is not colored, you don’t need to remove and re-pour it to enjoy the look of colored concrete.

    This video explains one basic technique for coloring concrete. You can purchase a pre-mixed color or make your own custom coloring. Use a garden sprayer to spray the paint onto the concrete; you can create an antique or natural stone look by allowing the paint to puddle in certain areas rather than covering the area uniformly. 

    Would you like to enhance the look of your property with colored concrete? A-1 Ready Mix Concrete is pleased to offer Davis concrete colors! Visit us online to find out more about colored concrete, crushed aggregates, and concrete recycling, or call (510) 629-4523 to order your ready mix concrete today.

    A Look at Your Concrete Recycling Options

    Last updated 4 months ago

    When old concrete is removed, it can be recycled and reused rather than thrown away in landfills. Concrete recycling offers an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solution that can benefit many construction applications. Crushed concrete can be used in the construction of new buildings and roadways to conserve material and enhance structural stability. A-1 Ready Mix Concrete offers two convenient concrete demolition, crushing, and recycling options in San Francisco. If you can transport concrete rubble yourself, bring it to our yard where we will recycle and repurpose it. Alternatively, A-1 Ready Mix Concrete can come to your property and crush your concrete on-site if you aren’t able to transport it to our location on your own.

    Are you interested in recycling old concrete or purchasing recycled concrete for use in your next construction project? Contact A-1 Ready Mix Concrete by calling (510) 629-4523 for same-day concrete services in the San Francisco and San Jose areas. Check us out on the web to learn more about the benefits of choosing ready mix concrete for your next home or office project.

    How to Prevent Spalling in Your Concrete

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Spalling or scaling is a defect that occurs in concrete when it goes through repeated freeze-thaw cycles. Concrete that has become spalled appears flaky, pitted, or cracked. Although spalling is generally a cosmetic concern, more extensive damage could affect the structure of your concrete as well. Spalling typically occurs due to poor preparation or pouring technique, so the best way to prevent it is to mix and pour your concrete properly.

    Use the Right Mixing Ratio

    Mixing too much water into your concrete can weaken it. Make sure to use the right ratio of water to dry mix when preparing your concrete. Ordering your concrete ready-mixed from a professional will ensure the proper ratio is achieved, especially if you are not experienced in mixing concrete yourself.

    Finish Properly

    Finishing your concrete too soon is another frequent cause of spalling. Hard-troweling the surface of concrete while water is still trying to escape can trap that water inside, making it susceptible to expansion and contraction with temperature changes. As the water expands and contracts when it freezes and thaws, it will create cracks and flaking. Make sure your concrete has dried adequately before finishing the surface to prevent this problem.

    Use Deicing Salts in Moderation

    Many deicing chemicals can exacerbate a spalling problem, leading to more extensive damage in your concrete over time. In the winter months, a shovel should be your primary means or removing snow from steps, sidewalks, and driveways. If you do use deicing salts, use them in moderation and select a product that will not damage concrete. Mixing your deicer with sand will provide additional traction and allow you to use less of the product while still achieving the same safety goals.

    You can learn more about pouring, finishing, and protecting your concrete from the experts at A-1 Ready Mix Concrete. We proudly provide a variety of concrete products throughout San Francisco, including ready mix concrete, portable plants, and Davis concrete colors. Call us today at (510) 629-4523 or check out our blog for more tips on pouring and maintaining your concrete.  

    How to Stay Safe Around a Concrete Pump

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Safety is important whenever you are working with concrete. Knowing how to prevent accidents around a concrete pump will ensure your work goes smoothly, quickly, and safely. This video explains that working with concrete safely is largely common sense. 

    Remember that concrete may be pumping at high pressures and take care when you or others are near the pump. Only qualified operators should be in charge of the pump to prevent accidents associated with a lack of knowledge in handling machinery.

    A-1 Ready Mix Concrete offers delivery of ready mix concrete and the use of portable plants to ensure your next concrete project is a success. Contact us by calling (510) 629-4523 today to ask about concrete delivery and recycling in San Francisco. You can find more great tips for handling concrete and staying safe on our blog.

    Why Having Concrete Delivered Is Easier than Mixing It Yourself

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Concrete is made from a mixture of dry materials and water. Improper mixing ratios or techniques can reduce the quality and appearance of the final product. A-1 Ready Mix Concrete is pleased to offer same-day consultations for the delivery of ready mix concrete to enhance your next construction project.

    It Saves Time

    Time is a precious commodity. Mixing concrete properly takes time away from other aspects of your work, and this process may take longer than necessary if you do not have prior experience working with concrete. Having your concrete delivered, ready to go, right when you need it will save you valuable time and ensure your project stays on schedule.

    It Ensures the Quality of Your Concrete

    Concrete requires a precise ratio of ingredients to ensure strength, stability, and longevity. Even a small error while mixing concrete can ruin the quality of an entire batch, requiring you to start over from scratch. If the water used to hydrate your concrete mix contains impurities, they will also affect the overall quality of your concrete. Rather than worrying about the quality of your water or your mixing abilities, trusting a professional to mix your concrete before delivery will ensure the product you receive is of the highest quality.

    It Improves Worker Safety

    Working with concrete can be dangerous if you or your coworkers are inexperienced. Delivery of concrete to your project site can prevent injuries caused by exposure to concrete mix that may be caused by a lack of knowledge or experience. Furthermore, workers will not need to cart or carry heavy bags of concrete mix, risking injury to muscles or joints.

    Could you benefit from the delivery of ready mix concrete for your next residential or commercial project in San Francisco or San Jose? Contact A-1 Ready Mix Concrete by calling (510) 629-4523 to find out more about on-site concrete batching and delivery of ready mix concrete for any project. We also deliver colored concrete and crushed aggregates—check out our website to learn more!

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